Friday, 19 October 2018

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Did you know that in 40 years we run the risk of not having any seafood to eat, if we continue to consume indiscriminately?

Malaysians are the biggest consumers of seafood in Southeast Asia. 90% of Malaysia' bottom-dwelling fish stock has declined due to unsustainable fishing practice, driven by our high demand for seafood. You can help improve the situation by choosing sustainably harvested and farmed seafood. [ SOS, 2010 ]

Our farm participates in the Malaysia Aquafarm Certification Scheme introduced by the Department of Fisheries and has been awarded the Sijil Amalan Akuakultur Baik (SAAB) [ Find out More.. ]. This voluntary scheme is to promote good farming practices among fish farmers. It encourages fish farmers to be more responsible and adopts enviromental friendly practices at the farm level to ensure product quality and safety, consistency in production and remain competitive in the global market.

Important elements incorpotated into the scheme are ISO 9002, SSOP (Standard Sanitary and Operating Procedures), Product Standards and Specifications, compliance with the Aquaculture's Code of Practice (COP) and Good Aquaculture Practice (GAqp) and other terms and conditions as determined by the Department of Fisheries.

Participants of the Scheme are commited,
1. To improve the product safety and quality.
2. To make the industry more responsible, more eco-friendly to ensure sustainable development for the future.
3. To prevent the occurence of fish diseases and pollution.
4. To encourage the Good Aquaculture Practices based on Aquaculture's Code of Practice (COP).
5. To enhance the marketing preparation for the implementation of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) for aquaculture products "voluntarily" by the fish farmers.
6. To control the use of pesticides and dangerous chemicals.

By participation to the Scheme, our farm is environmentally friendly and developed in a more responsible manner. Products from our farm are assured of better quality and fulfil the requirement of food security.

Fishes from our farm are fed with organic food only and are safe for consumption as no chemical is used and hygienic measures strictly observed.